Making a Time Circuit Display Schematic

I’ve chosen the LED displays, found a matrix driver, and determined the final positions for each LED display on the faceplate. The next step in the time circuits project is to build a dedicated circuit board for each display. This process starts with creating an electrical schematic.

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Dimensioning the Time Circuit Display Faceplate

I’ve figured out what LED displays I’m going to use and I’ve found the case they’re going to fit in, but before I can design a custom circuit board I need to figure-out how they’re going to be spaced in the enclosure.
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Specifications for the Time Circuit Display Enclosure

Before I can start designing the time circuit display circuit board, I need to figure-out its outer dimensions, mounting method, and the exact positions of the LED displays. This starts with the enclosure the circuit board is going in: an LMB Heeger Crown Royal series #852.

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