Flashing the BIOS to Fix a “Bricked” Lenovo Laptop

A few months ago I was attempting to reformat my laptop as a dual-boot machine with both Ubuntu and Windows 10 and I was having issues getting the boot manager to properly detect both operating systems. Shortly after changing a setting in the BIOS related to SATA operation, the laptop suddenly stopped working after rebooting. Powering it on resulted only in a pure black screen where after approximately fifteen seconds it flashed “Lenovo Misto Ontario”, and then nothing. It was true and thoroughly “bricked”. I tried everything I knew to fix it, including pulling the CMOS battery, reformatting the hard…

Controlling Musical Floppy Drives Directly via MIDI

One of my first thoughts on how to improve Moppy was to drive it directly via MIDI. At the moment, the format of serial messages sent to the drive controller is proprietary and requires using the “MoppyDesk” application on your PC to convert MIDI notes into playable pins and wave periods. What if we can skip the PC altogether and simply plug a MIDI cable into the floppy drive controller? The goal of this experiment is just to see if this is feasible.

Investigating How To Improve Adalight Framerates

As cool as I think ambilights are, using Adalight with my DIY setup has one major limitation: framerate. Video technology works on a principle caused persistence of vision, which means that our brains still “see” an image briefly after it’s taken away. If you replace the images quickly enough, our brains interpolate the differences between them and we get an illusion of motion.

Musical Floppy Drives

Note: This project is current a work in progress. This page is likely to change as I progress. Overview The goal of this project is to build a set of “musical” floppy disk drives. That is, to be able to use a floppy disk drive as an instrument that plays notes via MIDI. Using a few of these drives I can even play entire songs. Posts Part 1: Getting Started with Musical Floppy Drives Part 2: Building Custom Floppy Drive Power Cables Part 3: Building Musical Floppy Drive Breakout Boards Part 4: 8 Musical Floppy Drives Play “Cara Mia Addio” Part 5: Controlling Musical…