When it came time to start the programming for my time circuit displays, I needed a library of characters for segmented LED displays so that I could not only show the time, but also display strings of text. Maybe I wasn’t looking hard enough or I was looking in the wrong place, but much to my dismay I couldn’t find a readily-accessible library to use. So I’ve made my own and I want to share it so others don’t run into this same problem.

LED Segment ASCII Library

The library is hosted on GitHub and has symbols for 16-segment, 14-segment, and 7-segment LED displays. All visible ASCII characters are covered (32 – 127 inclusive). Both binary and hexadecimal literals are included depending on your application, as well as images of the characters and a display segment legend.

You can find the library here: LED Segment ASCII Library.

All of the character patterns and the associated symbol literals are released under the widely permissive MIT license, while the images are released under Creative Commons – Attribution. You can find the full texts of each license in the repository as well.

If you find a problem or have a suggestion to improve one of the characters, please create an issue on the GitHub repository. Otherwise, enjoy!


  1. Thanks for sharing the library and great job as always! I was looking to model my project after yours and was wondering if you would mind sharing the PCB files on Github also or through e-mail? Thanks.

      1. I certainly can can respect that. I know how much time and effort it takes to build this project. Like you, I’m trying to build mine right and I appreciate all the great info so far!


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