New Year, New Logo

It’s the new year! A time of rebirth and renewal, where we put aside the past and look eagerly towards the future. In that spirit, I’ve been redesigning some of the website and reworking a few things that have, up until now, been set in stone. Just a few days ago I completely revamped the website’s taxonomy, building a new categories list and even changing the permalinks structure. Today we’re continuing that journey by replacing the original website logo, which hasn’t changed since I created this site a little over 3 years ago.

Fresh Coat of Paint

It’s been a little over two years since I started this blog to share some of the DIY projects I’ve been working on. In that time I’ve built a ton of cool stuff, including an ambilight, a Nerf gun controller for Overwatch, and a DIY stream deck. This has all been documented in-depth and shared from this blog – which by and large hasn’t changed. It’s time to remedy that and give the blog a much needed coat of paint.