Sustain Pedal Footswitch

I turned a sustain pedal from an electric piano into a footswitch-controlled hotkey for my PC.

120V Relay Boxes

I built a pair of electrical boxes with integrated relays for controlling 120V powered devices from a microcontroller.

Prismatik iRacing Plugin

I wrote a small plugin for the Prismatik ambilight software in Python that displays data from the iRacing simulator onto my monitor’s LEDs.

Nerf Hammershot McCree Controller

Using a Nerf Hammershot revolver and an Arduino I built a video game controller for the character of McCree from Overwatch.

Time Circuits

I’m building my own working copy of the DeLorean’s “time circuits” from the Back to the Future films.

‘Twitch Clips’ Button

I modified a Staples Easy Button to connect to my PC and automatically create clips on Twitch when pressed. I also made a custom button top with the Twitch ‘Glitch’ logo.

Musical Floppy Drives

Using SammyIAm’s Moppy project, I made eight floppy disk drives act as an instrument to play music via MIDI.

DIY Ambilight with WS2812B LEDs

I built my own dynamic computer backlight using some WS2812B LEDs (aka ‘NeoPixels’) and an Arduino. PC software captures colors on the edges of the screen and sends the data to the LEDs, extending the monitor to the wall behind it.

Reaper Mask from Overwatch

Using a 3D printer, I created a replica of Reaper’s mask from the video game Overwatch. The mask was printed in multiple pieces, assembled, smoothed, and painted.