I decided to try my hand at building my own version of McCree’s belt buckle from Overwatch! I used references from the game in order to create a comprehensive digital model which I then 3D printed, smoothed, molded, cast, mounted to a buckle blank, painted, and weathered. Start to finish (and with lots of breaks in-between!), this entire process took me a little over three years to complete.


Parts List

Per usual, I’ve linked to various supplies throughout each post as they’re mentioned. Because it’s convenient to have things all in one place, here’s a (hopefully) comprehensive list:

3D Printed Master

Molding and Casting

Buckle Mount


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I didn’t buy a dedicated belt for this since it’s just going to be sitting on my shelf. The belt used for the photoshoot was an old “rich brown” bridle leather belt from Orion Leather Company, who are now apparently out of business.

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